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How to hack that “Old Money” look at home

Updated: Jan 26

Achieving Old Money Elegance on a Budget: Hacks for Timeless Home Décor

In the realm of interior design, the allure of old money elegance has a timeless charm. The polished and sophisticated aesthetic associated with affluent families of yesteryears is something many aspire to emulate. The good news? You don't need a trust fund to achieve the look. With some creativity and savvy shopping, you can infuse your home with the refinement of old money without breaking the bank.

1. Vintage Finds and Thrift Stores:

Dive into thrift stores, flea markets, and vintage shops to discover hidden gems. Classic furniture pieces, ornate mirrors, and timeless accessories can often be found at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. The key is to be patient and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Have you ever noticed that inside old money family homes, there is always a floor to ceiling mirror? Here is a link to a hack for one under 300.00 and yes we get a small commission if you click to buy here- it leads you to Amazon- and NO, it doesn't cost any more to use this link. And here's a billionaire comparison --one like this can be seen in several scenes in homes of the Roy family in the series, "Succession." (This one is far less expensive, but we won't tell!)

2. DIY Antique Patina:

Give your existing furniture a touch of antiquity by applying a DIY antique patina. A simple coat of paint, strategically distressed and layered, can transform ordinary pieces into vintage treasures. Experiment with muted colors and metallic accents to capture the essence of old-world sophistication. Or get yourself this lovely set of Caribbean blue, St. Barth's blue dishes: and here is a wonderful art piece to serve your "old money" luncheon with class, it's hand blown glass for under 50.00 and looks like a museum piece! But if you want to "patina" some existing furniture or things you found at a thrift store, here is what you need: and for additional style: (thank us later!)

3. Luxurious Fabrics on a Budget:

Achieve a lavish look by choosing affordable fabrics that mimic the opulence of old money homes. Velvet, damask, and brocade can be found at reasonable prices, especially during sales or at discount fabric stores. Use these fabrics for throw pillows, upholstery, or even as drapery to add a touch of luxury. Silk damask is the finest, and did you know Peacock is trending? Here's the link to the fabric. Make your own curtains and throws!

You can also get lovely curtains ready made to your custom order:, and don't miss these hotel pillows!


4. Invest in Timeless Pieces:

While it's tempting to go for inexpensive, trendy items, consider investing in a few timeless pieces that exude old money elegance. A quality leather sofa, a classic chandelier, or a well-crafted coffee table can anchor your décor and stand the test of time. Take a look at this timeless contemporary minimalist couch, what a forever piece! - and if you need something smaller, but is a show stopper: and here are some end tables that exude couture fashion:

5. Embrace Traditional Color Palettes:

Opt for a sophisticated color palette reminiscent of old money homes. Rich, muted tones like deep greens, burgundies, and navy blues create a sense of warmth and refinement. Pair these colors with neutral shades to achieve a balanced and classic look throughout your home. Or go full "Barbie pink"

6. Strategic Framing for Art and Photographs:

Give your wall art an air of sophistication by investing in elegant frames. Black and gold frames, in particular, can add a touch of old-world charm. Create a cohesive gallery wall with a mix of vintage prints, family photographs, and classic artwork to evoke a sense of history. Nothing beats Waterford for home or gifting:

7. Statement Lighting Fixtures:

Upgrade your lighting fixtures to make a statement.



Elegant table lamps can instantly elevate the ambiance of a room. Hunt for affordable options that mimic the grandeur of old money homes and strategically place them to create a sense of opulence.


Achieving the timeless allure of old money elegance doesn't have to be a bank-breaking endeavor. By combining thrifted treasures, a dash of creativity, and strategic investments in key pieces, you can transform your home into a haven of sophistication and charm. Embrace the thrill of the hunt, experiment with DIY projects, and let your home reflect the grace and refinement of a bygone era. Living in beauty brings creativity and thoughts of abundance! Don't cheat yourself.


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