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Luxury favorites for your #valentine

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to whisk your loved one away on a romantic escape, surrounded by opulence and extravagance. To elevate your travel experience, consider packing these favorite luxury items for an unforgettable Valentine's Day retreat.

1. Cashmere Travel Set:

Wrap yourselves in comfort with a cashmere travel set, including cozy blankets and eye masks. Perfect for those long flights or a snug evening by the fireplace in a luxurious mountain cabin. Try this one, it's 100% cashmere at a reasonable price. Please remember when you use my links to buy, it does NOT cost you anything more. It does help me bring you more articles and hacks for living life beautifully. You must have this one:

2. Designer Luggage:

Make a stylish entrance with matching designer luggage and exclusive Frank Gehry LV bag! This is limited and rare so it's an elegant surprise! Click this link for an exclusive deal on Louis Vuitton bag nobody can seem to capture! Here it is SHHHHHH- Elegant and practical, these next luggage pieces not only add a touch of sophistication to your journey but also make navigating airports a breeze. Here are my favorites. Personal note: *wish they had these back in the 90s when we bought them! The new ones are far easier to maneuver in airports and travel of any kind. Suitcase:, garment bag: and more: and the standard for luxury travel:

3. Champagne and Crystal Flutes:

Bring a taste of celebration wherever you go with a bottle of premium champagne and a set of crystal flutes. Toast to love and create cherished memories against stunning backdrops. Waterford is the best, here is the classic flute: and here are some Waterford made just for Valentine's Day:

4. Personalized Travel Journal:

Capture every romantic moment with a personalized travel journal. Jot down your shared experiences, document local flavors, and create a unique keepsake to reminisce about your Valentine's Day adventure. Be your own Indiana Jones, you won't ever forget this. Using it will make you feel the luxury, personalization and the leather is so nice

5. Luxury Spa Kit:

Pamper yourselves with a portable spa kit featuring high-end skincare products, scented candles, and plush robes. Turn any accommodation into a private sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. YOU MUST TRY these products, they are exclusive and keep skin looking healthy and younger, I know- I use it. Please use our link to buy, it doesn't cost you more at all- but it helps us keep finding these hacks for you. Live your best life! Here are some of our favorite spa/facial treatments: and then this, and next: and finally the golden calf of them all: and finally the sample kit which has a lot of items: and now some candles that will always live in your olfactory memory- they are so luxe! Here is a special link for them: -- and the penultimate in luxury robes: (please get this one it's a great lifelong classic gift). One truly can't lose with these gifts for ANYONE. Also, don't forget that we all love luxury hotel experiences. Want one at home? Buy this fragrance and you are THERE

6. Gold-plated Jewelry:

Surprise your partner with a touch of glamour by gifting them gold-plated jewelry. Choose pieces that complement the destination's ambiance, adding a dash of elegance to your Valentine's Day attire. OSCAR DE LA RENTA couture piece, this is a stunner:

7. Sleek Camera Equipment:

Capture the beauty of your getaway with state-of-the-art camera equipment. Whether it's a mirrorless camera or a drone, these gadgets ensure you preserve the romantic moments in stunning detail. Want to make a movie like a pro? Here is our secret favorite: and here are some others that are superb! Add a drone to follow you on your adventures. This one is truly professional but is super easy to use and travels well

8. Exclusive Dining Experience:

Arrange for a private dining experience at a renowned local restaurant or bring a personal chef to your accommodation. Savor exquisite dishes paired with fine wines for a gastronomic journey. Email us for a personal chef at your destination, we have a list of those. In our travels filming documentaries, we met a lot of them. Feel like we know all the best so email us at

9. Monogrammed Travel Accessories:

Elevate your travel style with monogrammed accessories, from passport holders to luggage tags. These personalized touches not only add flair but also make your Valentine's Day getaway feel truly special.

10. Private Excursion:

Book a private yacht, helicopter tour, or hot air balloon ride to explore the destination in ultimate luxury. Create lasting memories as you take in breathtaking views and share intimate moments together.

This Valentine's Day, go beyond the ordinary and infuse your romantic getaway with indulgence. These carefully curated luxury items will not only enhance your travel experience but also create a Valentine's Day celebration to be cherished for a lifetime. We help you book this - just shoot us an email.

All these things are very nice, and if you buy any of them through our links, you don't pay extra. It helps us keep our page going and gives us the ability to research more areas and provide you with greater luxury and better prices.

Thanks for reading, Love-

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